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India hot topic at Republican meet

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With much attention being given to the current Republican debate in the news as of late, interesting are the issues that are being talked about. The focus for this upcoming election in the U.S would be how to jump start this slow U.S economy. This  seems to be the general consensus for this upcoming election in 2013. And a current topic of discussion that has come up of recent is India..and in specific India’s foreign investment and trade.

With the Republicans billing India as “geopolitical ally and a strategic trading partner” the need to have this trading relationship a fruitful as it could be in these tough economic times could play a significant role in both economies and the much needed growth for both nations that is required.

This article drives home the importance of staying invested in India, we must remember that the daily “market noise” is just that noise. That as investors we must be invested in now and gain the rewards of the long term growth potential of India and importance it plays in the global economy.

The fundamental take away would be the “story of India” is not broken,  yes we have seen challenges but the fundamentals of why we have invested in it has not changed. If anything the great valuations at this time should lead to more investment in the short and long term.




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