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China’s economy to gather steam in 2013

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Data is showing that China’s economy should perform well in 2013. The economy is stabilizing with the help of government measures and reforms that have been put in place. Some of the government projects include spending on construction of new highways, ports, railways and sewage networks. The government is planning on spending more than 795 billion US dollars on these projects.


In December 2012 exports were up 14.1% higher than last year. Economic growth is expected to grow by 8.5% this year compared to 7.8% in 2012. China is set for having an exceptional 2013.


Written by Jeff K.

Xinhua. (2013, January 12). China’s economy to gather steam in 2013. China.org.cn. Retrieved January 14, 2013, from http://www.china.org.cn/business/2013-01/12/content_27667724.htm


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