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Latin American’s Happiest In The World ?

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The world’s happiest people aren’t in Qatar, the richest country by most measures.

They aren’t in Japan, the nation with the highest life expectancy or Canada, with its chart-topping percentage of college graduates, doesn’t make the top 10.

A poll released Wednesday of nearly 150,000 people around the world says seven of the world’s 10 countries with the most upbeat attitudes are in Latin America.

The reasons why people of Latin America live happier lives while still facing adversities in their own personal lives are vast. The most common denominator found in recent studies is the ability to look beyond immediate problems and live day by day despite immediate problems.

This philosophy is one the resonates with myself personally , I have always been one of the opinion to take a step back before acting emotionally in a time of stress and turmoil.

What most people find by following these principles and confirmed in studies is that issues usually get worked out on their own.

Another interesting discovery in recent studies show that family support being a large reason why people of Latin America are living happier lives. The family structure is very important in these beautiful regions of the world and reinforce unconditional support even in times of adversity.

The fast paced lives that we lead here in North America are continuously pulling us away from daily family interactions and is showing in our stress levels.

I can speak from a personal level remembering as a child always having family dinners on a daily basis, this is not the norm for most households now a days. It is more of a common place to see parents on different work schedules and family “time” is impacted by this. The sense of family and support goes a long way in ones mental state and happiness and this shows in recent studies in Latin America.

When communities and families  are working together at one common goal the results and successes of their efforts are abundantly clear in the global stage.

We are seeing a growing middle class and economies that are flourishing by this work ethic and attitude. As a result  the investment world has taken notice and participating in this great economic story and now maybe just maybe finding out that balance and perspective might just be the winning formula.

Written by Sam A.

Source: Latin Americans happiest people in world: Poll


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