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India Finally Bids for Canadian Energy Assets

India’s national oil companies have been eyeing Canada’s oil sands for at least a decade. Three of the largest oil companies in India (Oil and Natural Gas Corp, Oil India Ltd and Indian Oil Corp) have made a bid for northern Alberta assets. India (alongside China) boast the highest economic growth rates in the world, as both are net energy importers and both are anticipating dramatic growth in their energy demands over the coming decades. In the year 2000-2003, Indian companies saw the oil sands as being overly expensive and crowded, stating that it was not the right time at the moment. Once the global recession took place the prices of the oil sands had dropped, as did the prices elsewhere in the world so India went to Africa and the Middle East. However, with the energy assets in those regions being under government control, India had shifted its focus back to Canada. Experts state that India had lacked the resources in the past to compete, as a global push for oil sands assets has grown. The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation concentrating on known reserves in stable jurisdictions as demand is expected to continue to increase within India. The bid suggests that the Indian based oil companies have broken free from their financial limitations.

Written by Shamroze K.

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Wal-Mart plans to be operating in India within the next 12 -18 months!

Wal-Mart is the first multinational company to jump on the news that India is opening up its doors to foreign retail markets. Wal-Mart plans to be operating in India within the next 12 -18 months. Las week there was an announcement that foreign firms will be allowed a “ majority stake in multi-brand store for the first time.” Prior companies such as Wal-Mart were only allowed to operate as wholesale outlets. Opponents are worried that this move will hurt India’s job market and mom/pop shops. Advocates believe this will open India’s doors and attract new business as well as decrease current food prices.

Last week the Sensex increased 404 points in one day on the news that India was opening its doors to foreign companies. This will increase investments into India and allow India to flourish. India is currently going through its industrial revelation as we have seen with developed countries such as the US and UK. The average age in India is 25 years old and has a population of 1.2 billion people. As more individuals enter the workforce and India becomes more urbanized individuals will be earning more and consuming products such as housing, cars televisions etc. for the first time. By allowing foreign retail firms into India will speed up the process in its development. Now is the time to start investing in India.

Written by: Jeff K.

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