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Russia’s 2014 Olympic games set to become the most expensive winter Olympics to date

Russia’s Sochi is getting ready for the 2014 Olympic games. There is a budget of $18 billion dollars set aside and is set to become the most expensive winter Olympics to date. Everything is being built from scratch for the games. This includes the event sites as well as mountain resorts and hotels for all participants of the games. Roads are also being improved and new ones being built. The new construction is also incorporating green technology where it did not exist before.  In some way Russia is copying what China did for the 2008 Summer Olympics. They are presenting a new Russia for the rest of the world to see. Mr. Chernyshenko, President and CEO of Sochi 2014 said “every Olympics should surpass the one before” and it looks like Russia is well on its way.

As new construction continues it is a great opportunity for investors to consider investing in this region. The Excel Emerging Europe fund provides investors with the ability to invest in Russia directly .

Written by Jeff K.

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